Multiple Sclerosis

Current studies demonstrate that physical activity in patients with MS counteracts depression and fatigue and may improve quality of life. Interventional studies have described a reduction of the functional impairment in MS patients.

  Active Passive Assisted Active
Spasicity   *  
Muscle Atrophy   *  
Motor Functional Impairments * * *
Depression * *  
Fatigue * *  

Multiple sclerosis and exercise : effects of physical activity on the immune system.

Physical exercise in multiple sclerosis: supportive care or a putative disease-modifying treatment.

An increasing number of studies have shown beneficial effects of exercise training in MS. It has been reported that such programs not only improve fitness parameters but can also enhance quality of life and beneficially affect some suggestive disability measures.

The effect of cycling using active-passive trainers on spasticity, cardiovascular fitness, function and quality of life in people with moderate to severe Multiple Sclerosis (MS); a feasibility study.

APT cycling was well tolerated, while the cycling parameters improved it was difficult to separate the effects of the therapy programme and APT cycling. A longer duration, fully powered trial in a community setting is merited.

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