Motorized range of motion therapy for individuals affected by limited mobility

Movement for Life since 1991

Ex N’ Flex – Movement For Life!

Movement provided by Ex N’ Flex devices not only helps to improve flexibility of muscles joints and tendons but also helps promote better organ function and health. Experience a Healthier Brighter Future!

Consider the advantages and convenience of being able to set up your own Therapy program at home. You can have range of motion exercise everyday to stretch muscles and tendons and retain lubrication in the joints, all essential components of atrophy prevention and bone strength.

Ex N' Flex EF-250

The Ex N’ Flex EF-250 is very compact, sturdy and easily movable with specially designed wheels and lock downs. The highly accessible control panel offers easy operation, a bio feedback indicator, forward and reverse directions and three speed levels for passive or active training. The EF-250 is height adjustable to allow use from any chair, wheel chair or scooter. Adjustable crank arm lengths offer two settings for varying the amplitude of movement. Security is assured with specially designed foot plates and an automatic safety shutdown.

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