Ex N’ Flex – Movement For Life!

Movement provided by Ex N’ Flex devices not only helps to improve flexibility of muscles joints and tendons but also helps promote better organ function and health. Experience a Healthier Brighter Future!

Why Ex N’ Flex Motion Therapy Devices?

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Daily exercise has long been recognized an essential component of health. Ex N’ Flex Passive/Active Therapy Devices provide Daily Range of Motion for individuals who have little or no voluntary movement. On-going scientific research not only continually provides studies on the benefits of passive exercise, but also indicates a future with breakthroughs for paraplegia and quadriplegia, which may contribute to an increase in limb mobility and even walking. Use of an Ex N’ Flex helps retain leg flexibility and in maintaining muscle mass.

Be Ready! Increased mobility and walking may be a future possibility.

Consider the advantages and convenience of being able to set up your own Therapy program at home. You can have range of motion exercise everyday to stretch muscles and tendons and retain lubrication in the joints, all essential components of atrophy prevention and bone strength

Your personal passive/active therapy device allows you to exercise from your wheel chair or scooter while sitting on your patio or deck, by your window, while watching television or reading. The small size and transportability of an Ex N’ Flex makes it ideal for taking with you anywhere, short outings or long trips. It can even be used from a vehicle with a 12 volt inverter.

Physical Therapy treatment provided by professionals is often for a limited number of visits per year. Having access to therapy anytime allows for continued body maintenance, more independence, more freedom and increased wellbeing. Considering the time, energy and expense for travel to therapy appointments or a facility where devices such as the Ex N’ Flex are available for use, a Range of Motion Therapy device such as an Ex N’ Flex can provide ongoing predictable Therapy for as long as you want, whenever you want.

Basic range of motion Therapy can be provided for as long as you want, whenever you want

Feedback from individuals who have been using an Ex N’ Flex in Passive mode only, include; stretching of the Achilles tendon allowing for more ankle movement, decreased swelling in limbs, reduction in foot drop. Better flexibility, easier transfers, fewer bladder infections, better sleeps at night and More!

Ex N’ Flex control units provide a Biofeedback display mode. The Biofeedback digital readout allows the user to visually see any resistance to movement in their limbs, usually due to stiffness and atrophy. The Biofeedback will also show the decrease of resistance, which, for those with little or no feeling in their limbs, indicates an improvement in flexibility.

For individuals who have some voluntary movement there is the active mode which permits the user to pedal actively assisting/ overriding the machine. Over time and with repeated sessions of active exercise, individuals have shown an increase in muscle strength. Many users have experienced better limb flexibility and strength which allows for easier transfer, improved weight bearing and in some cases improved ability to take steps. All active exercise is registered and displayed for the user by the Biofeedback display.

An Ex N’ Flex Machine provides Long Term Maintenance

Passive/Active Therapy is beneficial for people with a wide range of physical Disabilities, including Para and Quadriplegics, persons with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Diabetes, and those who have experienced Brain Trauma or Stroke. Individuals have reported various benefits such as increased circulation, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as improved bowel and bladder function and control and also a decrease in spasm, spasticity, edema, bladder infection, stiffness, pain and bed sores. Caregivers have reported they like the rhythmic patterning EX N’ Flex devices provide, and have noticed improved mental attitudes, increases in attention span, better coordination and gait.

Use Ex N’ Flex for Long Term Body Maintenance. Movement provided by Ex N’ Flex devices not only helps to improve flexibility of muscles joints and tendons but also helps promote better organ function and health. Experience a Healthier, Brighter Future!