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Ex N' Flex EF-100 AW

Arm/Wrist Therapy Machine

The Ex N’ Flex EF-100 has been designed for those who have little or no control over arm, shoulder and trunk movement.  In passive mode, the arms and shoulder are rotated by the electrical motor in a slow predictable orbital motion.  In active mode you can assist the motor to move the arm crank with your own muscles, thus building and maintaining strength and endurance in the arm and shoulder.

The Ex N’ Flex EF-100 is very compact, lightweight and easily moveable with specially designed wheels and lockdowns.  The EF-100 offers three distinct movement patterns which provide the most complete mobility for the arm and shoulder.  The accessible control panel offers easy operation, with a biofeed indicator, forward and reverse directions and three speed levels for passive or active therapy.  It is height adjustable to allow use from any chair or wheel chair. Security is assured with specially designed arm carriage and an automatic safety shutdown.



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