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Andrew Goodwin was first approached in early 2018 to help solve a very critical software issue which allowed him to meet with both founders Dr. Errol Gray and Ms. Vera Ablack. Most couples strive to relax through their retirement, but they continued to develop products designed to improve the quality of life for those with limited mobility issues due to disease or injury. Through Andrew’s initial meetings we became aware of the desire of the founders of Tecogics Scientific Ltd, a 30-year-old medical therapy device manufacturer based in Ottawa, to divest their ownership of the company to continue the legacy they had passionately created. 

  • Our Mission

    To effectively scale the business through best practices, innovation and the flexibility to adapt and change to the needs of the marketplace ahead of our competition.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the leader in providing clients and their caregivers access to world class motorized range of motion medical therapy devices, with the goal of improving their quality of life.

Why people choose Ex N' Flex over the last 30 years.

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Dr. Errol Gray and Vera Ablack

Faced with the challenge of a family member who have recently suffered a stroke, set-out to develop a solution based on Passive Active exercise therapy.



Positive and promising results

Along with new research the couple formed Tecogics Scientific. The mission was to deliver a suite of products that enabled the benefits of Passive/Active exercise therapy for individuals with limited or no mobility.


Trade Shows

Vera Ablack begins demonstrating ExN’Flex machines at trade shows and Long Term Care facilities.



Ex N’ Flex International

Created to expand to foreign markets with sales primarily focused on US Long Term Centers and the US VA.


500 Long Term Care facilities

ExN’Flex machines now are sold into over 500 Long Term Care facilities worldwide, many with multiple machines, used by multiple residents.



Tecogics Scientific Ltd ownership transfers

From Dr. Errol Gray and Vera Ablack’s siblings to Andrew Goodwin, Rob Clarke and Rob Cook. The legacy continues.

Testimonials T

Our Values V

We are a Canadian medical device manufacturer providing unique and effective products for clients requiring therapy to combat the effects of limited mobility.

- We combine both innovation and focus on the durability and safety in the application and development of our products

- We continue to review past performance and adapt to the needs that best serve our clients.
We are a responsible company

- We are transparent in our communications to our clients and partners.

- We listen and respect the needs of our clients and their care givers.

- We value our employees, contractors and suppliers and strive to create a positive working atmosphere to the benefit of all.

-  We respect the environment and are diligent in supporting local businesses and our communities to maintain the highest ethical standards.


We will use technology to drive our future

- We will always look forward to offering the best in class products and service to our clients

- We will work beside our partners to understand their business to help us best develop our products and services.

- We will continually review costs and processes to be able to continue and growth profitably into the future.

We are an Ottawa based manufacturer and we are committed to ensuring the quality and adaptability of our products by completing as much of the manufacturing as possible in North America. All assembly and custom metal/plastic work is done at our facility or by local domestic manufactures.

We embrace a culture of reliability and flexibility through continuous evaluation and improvements in our service delivery.