Stroke Recovery

Passive exercise is safe to perform by hemiplegic stroke patients and can induce functional improvement. Future research is required to determine best practice guidelines for optimizing exercise prescription for passive exercise using these devices in persons with hemiplegia.

  Active Passive
Motor Activity   *
Spasicity   *
Range of Motion   *
Balance   * 
Strength * *
Stiffness * *

Effects of Passive Exercise Training in Hemiplegic Stroke Patients: A Mini-Review.

The effect of repetitive arm cycling on post stroke spasticity and motor control Repetitive arm cycling and spasticity.

Repetitive movements seem to be particularly effective in rehabilitation and motor learning.

The cortical control of cycling exercise in stroke patients: an fNIRS study.

The results showed that passive cycling had a similar cortical activation pattern to that observed during active cycling without feedback but with a smaller intensity of the SMC of the unaffected hemisphere.

7 steps to stroke recovery

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