Multiple Sclerosis

Current studies demonstrate that physical activity in patients with MS counteracts depression and fatigue and may improve quality of life. Interventional studies have described a reduction of the functional impairment in MS patients.

  Active Passive Assisted Active
Spasicity   *  
Muscle Atrophy   *  
Motor Functional Impairments * * *
Depression * *  
Fatigue * *  

Parkinson’s Disease

They showed that active robotic assistance resulted in significantly greater gains in motor function than in individuals who received passive robotic assistance.

  Active Passive Assisted Active
Motor Function * * *
Balance   *  
Posture & GAIT * *  
Bradykinesia   *  
Cardiovascular Fitness * *  
Tremors   *  

Spinal Cord Injury

Passive motion of the ankle joint alone was sufficient in reversing the adapted spinal circuit, and therefore indicates that spasticity after SCI could possibly be managed by CPM intervention.

  Active Passive Assisted Active
Contractures   *  
Spasicity   * *
Muscle Atrophy *    
Cardiovascular Fitness *     
Weight Management *    

General Health

Reduces the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and of developing high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes. Can help people with chronic, disabling conditions improve their stamina and muscle strength.

  Active Passive
Spacicity * *
Heart and lung efficiency *  
Flexibiltiy * *
Mobility * *
Coordination * *

Stroke Recovery

Passive exercise is safe to perform by hemiplegic stroke patients and can induce functional improvement. Future research is required to determine best practice guidelines for optimizing exercise prescription for passive exercise using these devices in persons with hemiplegia.

  Active Passive
Motor Activity   *
Spasicity   *
Range of Motion   *
Balance   * 
Strength * *
Stiffness * *

Post traumatic brain injury


  Active Passive Assisted Active
Walking * * *
Usage of Hands * * *
Abnormality of Muscle Tone   *  
Reduced Muscle Strength *    
Contractures   *  
Pain   *  
Asymetry *    
Rigidity   *  
Abnormal Movement Patterns * * *

Our Vision is to be the world leader in providing clients and their care givers access to world class passive active medical therapy devices using market driven results to measurably improve their quality of life.

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