Rishi Sahney

You would not believe how much my Ex N’ Flex has improved my quality of life.

I have been a T12-L1 paraplegic for 8 years. For the first 2 years, chronic leg pain caused me to rarely leave my bed.

I purchased an Ex N’ Flex hoping that the movement would stimulate my leg muscles and improve my bowel function. I started using the machine for 5-10 mins every other day and I noticed an improvement after 1 week. I have now been using my Ex N’ Flex for 6 years and would not want to live without it! My pain has decreased, my bowel and bladder control has improved, my muscle spasms have decreased significantly, I have increased muscle tone, less pain, and feel better in general.

If it was practical to take my Ex N’ Flex with me when I go on vacation, I would! I notice a difference after only a few days of not using it. This is a quality product with great customer service. I could not recommend it more!!

Rishi S. Quebec, Canada

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