Katherine E.

To whom it may concern

I have spent 30 years of my life as a registered nurse, working in hospitals in both Toronto and Ottawa. For the past 20 years I have had Multiple Sclerosis. I still have the ability to weight bear and am able to transfer from my wheel chair to my lounge chair, stair lift, to washroom and into bed.

I function independently. My family and neighbours are very supportive, visiting frequently and once a week I have the services of a cleaning lady. My continuing ability to live independently depends exclusively on my ability to transfer. Remaining independent as long as possible is very important to me.

As well as mobility difficulties, long term living with Multiple Sclerosis has damaged my circulation. For the past seven months I have been using the EX N’ FLEX Leg Machine on a regular basis, this machine “loosens” my joints, and increases blood flow to my lower limbs. As a result my feet and legs are much warmer and there is a better colour to the skin . I have more strength in my legs and find it mush easier to transfer.

So very easy to use. Just sit in a comfortable chair or wheel chair and start to pedal by pushing a button. I like being able to use the machine both actively and passively. I can use my own muscle power to work with or resist the machine and see the results of my effort register on the Activity Indicator. I can discontinue active exercise at any time and the machine will continue to exercise my legs passively. In addition to the physical Potential Benefits, the EX N’ FLEX contributes to my feeling of well being.

Katherine E. 

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