I am a 53 year old woman. I was diagnosed with MS over 34 years ago and I purchased the Ex N’Flex in March of 2000. I have used it most every day. I was dependent on a wheelchair but since then I drive again, do all of our shopping, laundry, cooking and most cleaning. I have walked using a walker for almost five years now and am starting to use canes as walking aides again. I was able to discontinue taking muscle relaxers and all other medications except one to treat pain but that is also improving.

When I don’t use the Ex N’Flex I do start to get stiff. It has improved my circulation allowing me to be warmer during the cold. That machine has been a Godsend and I reccomend it to everyone who wants to be mobile again. It stretches muscles making it easier to walk. Trust me, I can not tell you in words how much “life” it has helped me to regain! It truely works to do everything it says it does. Don’t doubt it!! Make it a must in your life ASAP!!! My neurologist is in awe of my accomplishments. Extremely, abundantly happy from PA.!!!

Debbie Kelly

Susquehanna, PA, US

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