Am I a convert or am I a convert? I love my Ex’n’Flex!! Ready for a testimonial?

Astonished is the word I’d use to describe my body’s response to my new Ex’n’Flex. Luna (yup, she gets a name) is turning my cement legs and purple feet into happy campers and amazing my very pleased home support worker. In my 8 min, workout I find I get a greater response by doing 2F-2R twice rather than 4F-4R once and suggest that other users may want to try that for even more flexibility and better circulation throughout the day. Luna’s sure challenging me to stretch a little farther and work a little harder each morning… She’s even allowing me to hope that one day I’ll be able to do standing transfers instead of slider board transfers. I love her!
Blessings on whoever invented this fabulous device! Many many thanks from a grateful fan!!

Thank you,
Bren Ingratta
P.S. In just four months’ time, Luna’s grand total is 13.7 km. so far We work out together every day for half an hour and do my legs and feet ever complain if I miss even a day! I’m proud to say my daily routine has grown to four rounds of 4F-4R on medium and some days I surprise myself with a big finish of 4F-4R on high.

Nothing I’ve tried to make MS a little more manageable can compare to Luna! She’s so worth every penny!

Mindfully yours,


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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