Born out of necessity; In 1989, Ex N’ Flex developers Dr. Errol Gray and Vera Ablack were faced with the need to provide regular range of motion therapy to an ailing family member who had suffered a stroke.

They set up a regular program for the family member and recorded her sessions over the next 5 months. At a time when passive exercise studies were few and far between, they did not know what if any results they would see. The improvements experienced were positive and promising and also provided new data on the benefits of passive exercise therapy for individuals with limited or no mobility.

Some of the benefits the patient experienced included: more flexibility in her affected leg, improved co-ordination, easier manageability when transferring, increased awareness and improved energy. There was even a significant increase in her calf diameter of 2.5 inches.

Her physician was amazed and recommended they try it with some other individuals at the same Long Term Care Centre. The Centre agreed and this was the beginning of the next 22 years. Read the physician’s full comments.

You can now find Ex N’ Flex Therapy Devices being utilized daily in over 450 Long Term Care Centres, Hospitals and Rehab Facilities throughout North America as well as in Schools and in the homes of individuals throughout Canada, the USA, UK, Europe, China and many other countries world wide.

We are dedicated to continuing to provide you with our therapeutic medical devices which help maintain health and improve quality of life for people for who have limited mobility.

We take pride in our range of motion products and are regularly complimented on our excellent customer service.

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Dr. R.E. Gray Holds a P.H.D in Medical Physics from the University of Sydney, Sydney Australia

Vera G. Ablack has 30 years’ experience as a designer in the Medical Engineering division of the National Research Council of Canada.