Dear Ex N’ Flex Re EF-250
I thought that I should write to you and bring you up to date on the progress my father has made since we purchased this machine last April ’97. As you will remember from our conversations he suffers from Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. Because of these factors his ability to walk had all but disappeared unless he had one or, most often, two aides to assist him walk very short distances. From the very start of Dad using this machine four times daily for 15 min. each time things have improved remarkably. Let me say the aide who looked in on him in the morning seven days later was shocked to turn around at the nursing station to find Dad peering over his shoulder having followed him down the hall.

Since this time he has only shown improvements to his mobility and a very big plus to his emotional well being. If he shows signs of agitation he will go on the machine and immediately calm, down. All in all we are grateful for this progress to the improvement to his quality of life and now being able to take him out of Cranberry Pointe for day trips home where he can enjoy walking around in his own yard with minimal assistance. Also the staff at Cranberry Pointe have found these improvements have made it easier for them in handling him on a daily basis. His doctor has also noticed this stability to his movement and overall health and in fact has prescribed use of the machine no fewer than four times a day. Thank you

I will keep in touch. All the best.

Jeff Woodburn, East Dennis, MA

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