Dear Ex N’ Flex International
One day, I was reading the Quest Magazine. I was pretty amazed because after so long, I got the answer that I was looking for. It was the Ex N’ Flex machine. I was searching for an exercise device that would allow me to move my legs with some assistance. Right away, I called and I spoke to Karl. He explained all the wonderful things that the Ex N’ Flex can do for people with physical disabilities. I was so happy because it was dream come true. The Ex N’ Flex for me is a blessing.

I was diagnosed with ALS, in 1994. Right now, I’m 32 years old and I’m going pretty well and I’m stable. For me the best medicine is daily exercise. It is very important for anyone who is physically disabled. The Ex N’ Flex is just perfect. I’m going an hour a day. I cannot move my hands but my legs are stronger. I have a lot of spasticity in my muscles and the Ex N’ Flex is helping a lot to reduce this. My endurance is getting better because it is also cardiovascular exercise. My edema, my balance, my joints are also doing better.

In general, I’m doing wonderfully well. The doctors and researchers don’t have a cure for this illness. So, for now the best cure is to give my body exercise, good spirit and most importantly peace with God until they find the cure, which I’m sure is going to be soon.

The Ex N’ Flex is a very important part of my physical therapy. It is something that I’m able to do daily and it is also very easy for the caregivers to help me. I believe these are the things that we have to look for to make our daily living easier and to provide a better quality of life.

Sincerely Madeline Gomez, Brooklyn, New York

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