Dear Ex N’ Flex
I have been using the Ex N’ Flex bike for over a year now and had to write to you. I was quite hesitant at first to try something that seemed so simple, a simple concept! I asked myself what could possibly help some of the residents that no longer walked due to a CVA or Parkinson’s and what could this machine do that I couldn’t do? Well, to my pleasant surprise, I started noticing residents that were stiff and hesitant especially the P.O. hips recovering faster and having a smoother gait six months down the road, compared to residents that did bed exercises and standing gait training.

I could write pages singing the praises of the Ex N’ Flex bike. I think every health care facility should have a couple. If you ever have difficulty trying to convince a client to buy one, feel free to show them this letter.

Please keep up the research.
Sincerely, Shirley-Anne MacPherson RPN Adjuvant, Neurology St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa, Ontario

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