Dear Ex N’ Flex
I am the Coordinator of Therapy Services at Hillside Manor, Home for the Aged in Oshawa, Ontario. Our residents have been benefiting from the use of the EX N’ FLEX for the last year. We started with the EF-250 for the lower extremities and were so impressed with the results that we added the EF-100, arm, trunk and shoulder unit.

We have numerous success stories but the most dramatic has been with a lady who came to us 26 years post, suffering profound right CVA secondary to a cerebral aneurysm. She presented such increased extensor tone in her left arm and leg that she could not sit in a wheelchair for independent mobility. Her program included the EF-250. Using the forward and reverse modes and taking advantage of the reset mode when tone fluctuated, our lady reduced her tone and discomfort significantly. She was able to achieve and maintain enough range to sit comfortably and safely in a wheelchair. This week she even lifted her own left foot off the floor to place it on the wheelchair foot pedal!

The progress was so impressive we added the EF-100. Initially her left hand had to be secured to the handle. Now she is able to maintain the appropriate position with the regular forearm strap. By positioning the EF-100 in various portions using the three planes of motion, she has also achieved reduction in trunk tone and no longer requires the thoracic straps on her chair for positioning. The end result – a very happy lady who, with her daughter, has just returned from a two week trip by aeroplane, to western Canada!!

Every long term care facility should invest in these units. They are user friendly and the very tangible results all add up a tremendous increase in quality of life.

Coordinator of Therapy Services, Hillside Manor, Oshawa, Ontario

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